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Welcome to Cameron Schutt and Company

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Cameron Schutt provides custom home building services in Fallbrook, Temecula and North County San Diego. 
With extensive experience and an eye for detail your home building project will move smoothly from plans to the house you desire.  Come look at our web site and give us a call.  Cameron Schutt will be happy to talk with you personally and help you get started.  Large custom homes and detailed custom building of homes are some of the key services provided.

Realize Your Dream

The Dream is Reality

Building quality custom homes is a passion.  Everyone we work with shares that passion; from clients who communicate visions of their dream custom home, to the sub-contractors whose expertise building services and enthusiasm ensure excellence.  Our clients determine the direction of every building project while we handle the details that bring their visions to reality.

Planning The Dream

Cameron Schutt custom homes can provide you with your home from planning your dream to building the reality.  We can work with your architect, designer and other professionals or we can recommend highly qualified building professionals.  We'll help you conceptualize and organize; taking your dream home from your personal vision to working drawings to approved building plans..

Cameron and Teresa working

Building Your Dream Home

Your vision materializes:  the site is prepped, foundation poured.  The walls are stood - you can see the rooms take shape.  You choose your tile and granite and appliances.  A thousand decisions!  Cameron Schutt is there to advise, putting at your disposal three generations of quality building expertise and intuition.  The decision is yours - be as involved in the process of building your dream home as you choose to be.

Delivering The Dream

Cameron Schutt is known for attention to detail.  More importantly we are known for attention to our clients.  Personal attention - listening until their vision is clear; addressing their concerns; translating "constrution-ese" into everyday English; whatever it takes to ensure that the people with the dream are part of the team.  Inclusion in the process, partnering with Cameron Schutt, is your best assurance that your dream house is a dream come true.

As a home builder in Fallbrook, Temecula and other San Diego North County locations, Cameron Schutt can help you achieve your dream reality.